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Introduction, Explanation, and Opening Argument

Good evening, readers. Call me The Wicked One. This blog, are my views and personal opinions on a society that’s falling; in a world where children are the future, the children have no future. First-hand I have seen the idiocy, ignorance and foolishness that epitomize the current young adult generation, and if they are to be the inheritors of our society, then I want no part in it.

Though it does sound rather arrogant of me to say so, it is fact that there are few among the current youth who are different to their peers;  they who are strong in wisdom, or intellect. Those who dare to be different and not conform to what popular society has deemed “fashionable”.

I live in Australia, Western Australia to be precise, in a culture where, among teens, ignorance, racism and sexism are the ‘flavour of the month’, where criminals are popularized and actually respected for intentionally wreaking havoc in society. Respect is rarely given where truly deserved.

I’m the first to admit that I am by no means perfect. I am a mass of contradictions, sensitive to the context that I am living in. Everything has a time and place. But I can at least say this; I am a good person to good people. And that, in my mind, is what truly matters.

The popular culture is so Americanized, that even in Australia, more and more children and teenagers are developing American accents. The sheer amount of foreign exposure in this country is leading us to lose whatever sense of “Australianism” we’ve ever had. Even my own voice has an odd American and British tinge to it.

I’m personally sick of it. Not only are the mistakes of the current generation of leaders and rulers going to haunt us for years, if not decades to come.  Society has lost its focus on what actually matters, and instead is torn between a generation of hard, honest workers, and the current generation of youth who’ve gained from the sweat of their elder’s brows, and had everything handed to them. Decadence. Decadent societies crumble, and fall, foregotten by all, save for those who look to the past.

That’s actually part of the reason I made the URL “Someone Wicked”. It’s a reference to the Something Wicked storyline from two of Iced Earth’s concept albums. Set Abominae was the harbinger of fate, watching mankind throughout the ages, watching our downfalls, and in the end, gave us a single ultimatum: Change your ways, before it’s too late.

My next post will be on the subject of Justice and Law. Two things, that are ideally one and the same, but in reality, are very different indeed.

PS: I sincerely doubt I’ll have many readers, and though I am entirely serious in the subjects I discuss, my own interest in this blog is not a certainty. I doubt I will change minds, but I hope to make people truly think. A closed mind is the first step in the path of corruption. But an open mind is the first step towards understanding, and understanding can beget peace.

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