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Right to Rule

The Right To Rule. Also known as the ‘Divine Right of Kings’, it was a religious doctrine in the feudal era that proclaimed the Monarchy to be the closest to God, and that revolution or dissent in any form would be tantamount to heresy, not just mere treason. Under the fear of god, it kept the masses in check, preventing regicide, or even tyrannicide.

In the modern day, however, the Right to Rule is somewhat different in Western society. By comparison the Church isn’t as attached to the political leader as they once were, but are still there in ways. In a democracy, the Right to Rule is given by the people to elected officials. Despite not having a particular method or idea to replace it, I do not believe democracy works.

Democracy depends on the majority decision of the people, and at present, very few people have the time or inclination to keep up with, or even care, about politics. Even moreso among the teenage generation, who, for the most part, simply don’t care. Even at school, very few people could tell you who the Premier for our state was.

As I was saying, democracy depends on popular decision and the majority of the people of the country. Simply put; the majority of the country have below-average intelligence or are simply ignorant. These are not people fit to choose who should rule them. Some will vote for the more familiar name, or the campaign advertisements. Democratic Politics is little more than a popularity contest among those who seek power; it has been said that a man who actively seeks power is not the man fit to wield it.

Any politician can easily come into power if they can play the game, whether by exploiting legal loopholes, by speaking influentially, and appealing directly to what the public wants; regardless of their intent to fulfill their promises. It’s just a game.

I don’t know what we could use to replace democracy, but it brings me to my next point.

The Right to Revolution. It was mostly an ideal in the more centralized regions of Asia; such as China and Tibet. In basic terms, it said that it was the duty of the people to overthrow corrupt governments. Even Martin Luther King held that it was the duty of the people to resist unjust laws.

And here’s what sparked my interest in the subject of the Right to Rule. The Australian Internet Firewall that is currently being planned to be put in place to protect the people from things they shouldn’t see. The publicized intention was to block child pornography, and that is a cause I can highly agree with. Child pornographers deserve no end of punishment.

But there’s more sinister motives in censoring the internet; a list was revealed to the world via Wikileaks, showing well over 2,400 websites blocked by the firewall. The headline of the post that linked to the list said “Among things blocked were several political and religious websites”. Taking a cursory glance at the list, and finding myself rather disgusted with some of the URLs on the list, I did happen to see some political and religious blogs on the list.

Among the subjects blocked by the firewall, were pro-choice-abortion and pro-choice-euthanasia websites, religious blogs and political websites. These things should not have been blocked, as we are all entitled to our opinions in this great southern land.

Or are we?

A little-known fact about Australia is that we have no “Bill of Rights”, or “Constitution”. We are not entitled to our own opinion. We have no rights. And the pure and simple fact we have freedom (or a near-transparent illusion of it), must be that the government isn’t organized, or willing enough, to crack down and take our non-existent rights away.

We suffered over a decade under John Howard’s incompetence, and now we have Kevin Rudd, who has lost all of his remaining influence in his own antics and most importantly; the firewall plan which will not work. We’re being led into recession, with soldiers dying overseas in wars that do not concern us, wars that were started, again by incomptetent leaders who were chosen by the flaws of democracy.

How much money is being spent to keep our soldiers in harms way? How much of this money could be put into the ailing economy, or to aid the school systems? How much is it costing the Australian people to keep our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, dying in a country that refuses to acknowledge our presence, dying for a worthless cause?!

I put this to you, that if Australians are to have no rights, and if this country is to come crashing down around us, that the political gamers who have engineered this current state do not have the Right to Rule. What will it take to get this country to be the way it should be?

Though the government has not seen fit to allow us rights, there is one right that we do have. The right to revolt. And though I pray it should not come to that, it just might have to come to be; defiance would be the purest expression of patriotism.

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