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Hypocracy and Defamation

The United Nations, whose work I typically applaud, when they’re not siding with American Coalitions in the Middle-East, has recently made a move that has done little else but frustrate me, making a ruling that is hypocritical in itself.

They have ruled that defamation of religion is now a violation of human rights. Which, to me, is a hypocrisy, as censoring speech, is again, a violation in itself. I’m not “hiding behind free speech”, which, as I mentioned in my previous post, is a right I’m not entitled to in this country, but I still believe someone is entitled to their words, no matter how misguided they are.  Which is a double-edged sword, as the ‘right to free speech’ is often used by bigots to justify their cruelty.

But be that as it may, I believe that the UN is wrong to list defamation of religion as a violation of human rights. This is merely a first step in what could be a long path of religious supremacy, which is not a path any right-minded individual should want to travel.

I ask this; are facts counted as defamation? If I was to say that the intolerance of Christian and Catholic sects set back the course of humanity by centuries by causing the Dark Ages, could I be charged with human rights violations? Could I get away with saying that the Church caused the unwarranted deaths of hundreds, often for tyrannical reasons during the witch hunts?

What the religious sects, and it seems, the United Nations, need to realise, is that religion has gotten away with far too much, for far too long. If defaming religion is a violation of human rights, then the United Nations needs to also make similar rulings on defamation of homosexuality, among other things. The Church protests, and persecutes against innocent people, but if we wish to make a retort, we’re now subject to being charged with human rights violations?!

The UN should make moves to protect people who are targeted by religion, unless they wish to make their motives clear and openly support the Religious Right in persecuting the innocent. I for one, would not like to see the body that is supposed to protect and unite the world, siding with bigots and would-be tyrants. The United Nation is supposed to stand for equality, but all I see right now is favouritism of those who, perhaps, should not be favourited.

Let us hope that this is not a view of things to come.

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