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Some Ideas I Had

Welcome back. Recently I had some ideas; particularly regarding taxation. This isn’t an obligatory recession post; the economy doesn’t particularly interest me, but I did have an idea on how to lessen the damage. Taxation of religion.

Some of you would make the argument that the Church(es) use their proceeds to help organizations like the Salvation Army, or the Red Cross. This is true, however, but I level an example of religious money squandered, that could have been used for far more constructive purposes.

I speak, of course, of the Church of Mormon’s advertising campaign to aid Proposition 8 in California. Proposition 8, which was passed, much to my disgust and dismay, banned same-sex marriage in California. The campaign for Proposition 8 raised $33.9 million dollars. Wow, I didn’t know bigotry and homophobia was so pricy!

Now I know the Church of Mormon contributed roughly 8-12 million dollars into this campaign. They sicken me. Mormons have to contribute an amount similar to 10% of their earnings to the Church, a tithe to the clergy. Sounds archaic. If religions were forced to pay taxes, say, 10%, of all their earnings, that is an easy million dollars in taxes, just from what they spent on Proposition 8!

I know the recession isn’t going to be fixed by such a (comparably) small amount, but it would help. This would also create jobs; as one could create a branch of the taxation department specifically devoted to making sure the Church is being honest with their earnings. As Christ himself said; Render unto Caeser that which are Caeser’s.

Now, take an awful piece of culture at the moment; the Twilight film and book series. The book itself is poorly written, with shallow characters and a predictable plot. Amazingly, they’re doing exceptionally well world-wide. What’m I getting at, here? Stephanie Meyer, the author of this atrocity, is a Mormon, and has loaded the books with “Mormon values”. It would make sense that the lead female character is little more than a pair of tits with a smiling face, just flailing her arms waiting to be rescued.

The most popular book series among the tween, teen, and young adult audiences at the moment, and also the most popular movie for the same audience, and has also spawned soundtracks and toys and the like. Now, the author of the book would get a percentage of this. Which would go to the Church, as she is a Mormon. How much money from taxation would be sent to the government to help the economy if such a ‘cash cow’ could be taxed further?

I know it is not that simple, but it could be done. The religious aspects of our countries get away with far too much; the Church and State are two different concepts now, it is time to stop living in the dark ages, to open our minds and plot a course into the future, not just for individual countries, lifestyles or cultures, but for all our brothers and sisters of this One Human Race.

That’s what people need to remember. We may be black, we may be white…it all comes down to one thing, however. We are human. Nothing can change that.

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