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A Gift or a Curse?

I mean no offence when I say this; but less intelligent people are usually happier. Happier to fit in, happier to work meaningless jobs, happier in life. Whereas intelligent people, and dreamers in particular, live sadder lives. A realist cynic will have difficulty finding romantic happiness in their young lives, mostly because of their views on the world.

Dreamers, in particular might find themselves living sad lives, purely because they have hope, and they dream. It was said that ‘hope is the first step on the path to disappointment‘. While this doesn’t entirely mean for people to have no hope at all, it just means that all dreams don’t come true, no matter how much you wish for it. Some things just do not happen. But, such is life.

Truly unique, or intelligent people, often have their views of the world corrupted at an early age, when they are forced to deal with persecution for a great length of their time at school. Some resist, others do not. I have seen good people surrender to the whims of the masses at school, assimilating into the conformity and collective ignorance.

This isn’t just about intelligence, though. There are people who dare to be different. Not the ‘loud and obnoxious’ sort of ‘different’ that seems to be held dear in the heart of almost every idiot teenager these days, but truly different people who do what they are comfortable doing, not giving in to the inane phases of the current generation; the cleverly marketed crap, peddled and passed around like a cheap prostitute.

Wait, am I daring to speak out against the common populace? Dear god! Heresy! God forbid anyone should have a thought that wasn’t endorsed by the government or some corporation. It was on a not all-too-recent episode of Family Guy that Brian the Dog came out as an atheist. While I know the episode was a caricature of possible reactions to atheism, it can be all too true that they are persecuted and vilified by society at large, purely because they have a different way of thinking.

Knowledge should bring happiness, when instead, it does not. Years of persecution have an affect on individuals, and in some cases it turns them against the society in which they are forced to live. Some of the most intellectual people I have ever met, while being good, decent people, have very cynical views on society, and wouldn’t bat an eye as it crumbles around them. They simply don’t care.

And why should they care? Children are indoctrinated from birth to victimize the intelligent. How many cartoon and comic villains are scientists or doctors of some kind, and the lead character is nothing more than a lucky idiot who represents the common people? In almost every class at school there will be one smart person singled out from the rest of the class, ridiculed and mocked. Why should they care about a society that treats unique people and intelligent people as mere victims for mockery?

Smarter people have trouble finding romance and love at young ages (late teens and twenties) purely because they’re different, and sometimes have trouble relating to many others. More cynical or realist types also have difficulty, going into a relationship at this age with the knowledge that it won’t be ‘forever’, despite the romantic notions society expects of such relationships.

This may sound like elitism, I know, and it isn’t always true, but that’s just how I think. If someone wasn’t as intelligent, they wouldn’t have to worry about society’s downfall, if they weren’t as realistic they could actually be happy in a romantic relationship, they wouldn’t care about not being one of the minorities of society.

I put this forward; ignorance is bliss. Is knowledge a gift or a curse?

  1. March 8, 2010 at 11:39 am

    I loved this piece. I think about this type of thing often. It seems like now that I have more knowledge than the average person about the world, it’s corruptions, disappointments…it’s a bit depressing. Things are indeed much simpler and “blissful” if you will when you’re ignorant to the realities of life and the world. Nice work!

    • March 8, 2010 at 3:51 pm

      Thanks much, man. I really love hearing back from readers. Keeps me happy. I discussed this with a person on saturday, believe it or not; that smarter people tend to be a bit mental these days due to the persecution directed at them for 10-12 years during their formative age.

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