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Corruption of the Unholy

I’d like to take a break from my more usual topics of discussion to have a talk about a trend among the current generation of teenagers and young adults; interest in the occult. This won’t be a long-winded rant about ‘those damn kids and their devil-worship‘, because as a matter of fact, that kind of thing often arouses my interests as well. The vast realm of supernatural beings and the tales make for most superb fantasy stories.

But these past few years I’ve noticed something; that a lot of, for lack of a better word, kids that are “into” this sort of thing. But a lot of the time the ‘things they know’ are either completely wrong or very, very misguided. And more often than not I can trace the inconsistencies to popular culture. Surprise surprise.

We’ll start with 666, otherwise known as the Number of the Beast. And right now we’re going to assume that 666 is correct, rather than 616 on the other end of a long debate. Kids call it the “evil number” or the “devil’s number”.  Let’s get one thing straight here. The Beast is not the devil. The “Beast” is actually a way to name two Beasts in Revelations. One of which is the AntiChrist.

While we’re on the subject of the AntiChrist, I’d like to point out the phallacy of these people who “believe” in the Antichrist while they deny the existence of the other side of the dogma. What part of “anti-” do they not understand? If there’s Antichrist, there’s a Christ, if there’s demons, there’s angels. Co-dependant existence there.

Let’s skip to another iconic favourite; the Pentagram! It’s often believed to be a symbol of satanism. Which it only is if you do it right. Drawing a star with a circle around it is actually a Neopagan symbol used by Reconstructionists to represent the four elements (fire wind water earth) with spirit at the head. For a pentagram to be “evil” it has to be upside-down, with two points up, with the head of the goat drawn inside it, to form the Sigil of Baphomet.

Now, this high and mighty rant of mine may just well be wrong, let’s face it, people take a lot of poetic licensing with this kind of thing. After all, they are entirely fallible works of fiction created by mankind.

I’m just getting sick and tired of these damn kids who think the occult is “cool” and “awesome”. Has this sort of thing become popular? I honestly hope not. Popularity turned the dark, majestic Count Dracula into the horrible, ignorant crap that formed Twilight. But this isn’t a rant about that abomination.

But while we’re on the subject of Vampires, why not talk about them. We’re going to talk about the mainstram style of European vampire, rather than the variations in other folklore. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember anything about vampires being weak to silver. That, my friends, is the province of werewolves. And some spirits.

Vampires, at the very least, need to be hindered by sunlight, if not horrifically burnt, or completely destroyed. I’m willing to allow lenience on this if vampires in question are weakened or hindered by the sun in a very real way. Crucifixes and holy objects shouldn’t be ignored like they are either. And the beastial nature in which some vampires are portrayed? I’m disappointed when I see a vampire with the facial features of a brick wall or the jaw of a tiger shark. But I’m going to move on before I get on a complete rant.

The crucifix. Holy symbol of the derivative churches of Christ, a recognized symbol worldwide. According to popular belief, they become evil if you turn them upside down. This is wrong. The Catholic Church has long used the upside down cross, or Cross of Saint Peter, as a symbol for humility and a representation of Saint Peter.

The popularity of the occult has spawned a terrible amount of ignorance regarding it, and suddenly all these idiot children suddenly think it’s ‘cool’ to rattle off a bunch of “unholy” buzz-words and pretend to be evil. It truly sickens me. The people who get these most basic things wrong, look like idiots to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

There will always be this kind of thing in society, though. People who catch on to the popular elements of a genre until another one becomes popularized. But in the past few years, the popular genre is a gross bastardization of something I’ve held dear for over half of my life.

Please. If you’re going to do something, don’t do it wrong.

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