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War Pigs

While I was very much considering ranting at the stupidity of the media for their coverage of celebrity deaths while much more important things are going on, I was sidetracked by a very heated argument I found in the comments of a music video on YouTube. The subject? War and soldiers. Naturally I put in a small comment.

I’d just like to give a small message to people. It’s no big surprise to anyone that the armed conflicts of the past few years haven’t really been popular, except with the followers of the media who don’t really criticize what they’re told by the television. Protests and petitions and propaganda proliferate in the present and past, and bloggers fail at attempting alliteration.

But I’d like for people to stop and think for a minute about where their disagreement and rage are often directed towards; the soldiers fighting said wars.

Being part of the armed services is a damn fine job and even career for many. And some people have the gall to harass and abuse these people. It is not the soldier’s fault they’ve been thrown into war(s) they may not agree with. The soldiers of our countries fighting in lands far from home shouldn’t be disrespected or abused; they’re simply doing their jobs.

They didn’t start the war. The politicians did, for whatever reasons you choose to believe. Fighting “terrorism” in a country that hadn’t acted in aggression towards another nation for over ten years? Are we going to invade war-torn Africa next? They have some pretty tyrannical dictators too, with a myriad of excuses the general public would be more than willing to accept.

But no, I’m not here for that discussion. Politicians start wars. And then send soldiers to fight and die in them. These same soldiers who would be charged with desertion or even treason for disobeying these orders.

But at the same time, if a threat was real, who would protect you, the people who deride and abuse the military? The army, and the air force, and the navy. They would protect you in times when you would need them.

But still some people seem content to spit in their face, when the real focus of their outrage should be the beaurocrats and politicians who start this war, and the businessmen who profit from it.

These same soldiers who receive scorn from many, are the same who would give their lives to protect you, should you need it. The same people who are deployed with emergency services in times of disaster.

Rethink your anger. Redirect your rage. Rethink your anger. Redirect your rage.

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