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Do I Have a Country Anymore?

Hello again. If you haven’t picked up on it, or if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I am Australian But soon, all that will mean is that I’m just a semi-American.

As you may or may not know, entertainment is one of The United State’s of America’s prime exports worldwide.  While this may mean you can watch the latest Hollywood movies, and listen to the Top 40 Music Hits, it’s also leading to the downfall of many Western cultures, my own included.

You see, the current generation, which I have said before, and repeat now, is not doing well. We are a generation who’ve grown up with American culture from the very beginning. Popular children’s television shows are, for the most part, American. At the most intellectually perceptive time of their lives, children are being influenced by different accents and phrases; ones that their own parents may not be able to understand.

Sesame Street is possibly the worst offender when it comes to accents and dialects.  While it is a great early educator for children, if not picked up quickly, their accent may be slightly Americanized from an early age. And as the child grows up, it just gets worse. The majority of mainstream music and television is American, and the precious few Australian pieces of culture their are, are either too mature, or lack the allure to the majority that American media does.

The current generation, dubbed Generation Y, are far more interested in America than Australia. Many high-school aged students know more about American history, simply because they watch The Simpsons. So common is American influence in my country, that many pre-teens and teens have slight, or even pronounced Americanized accents and slang.

It has, somehow, even affected me. My accent stands out as American, even if I’ve never left Australia and never grew up around Americans. I, for one, blame this on my old voice chat habits, but it’s still the same, in that American culture is infecting ours, and their variation of the English language overriding ours.

And it seems that there is little we can do… I may be overreacting, but again, the current generation of youths are again, damaging culture and the future of society. And even as I say this, it may already be too late to save it.

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  1. Cry Freedom
    January 20, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Yup and those are all basically the reason why my TV never gets turned on…and my kids don’t miss it. They get to watch movies but they prefer to get on the internet and play games, and so far none of them are interested in watching the trash on the TV.

    Oh and as an added bonus, all of them have a higher intelligence than the average kid their age.

    Food for thought about parenting.

    Well that’s enough from me XD

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