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Australian Civil Rights in peril

Recently it has come to my attention that the Great Australian Internet Firewall is going ahead of schedule. To those who do not know what it is, the Great Australian Firewall is the new Net Filter being put in place by the Rudd Government in order to block out things like necrophilia, snuff videos and child porn.

But oh wait, this is in control of a government that hasn’t seen fit to issue us with such nice things as decent internet connections, non-privatised power services or something as rudimentary as a Bill of Rights.

So anyway, the list of blacklisted websites is on Wikileaks, a lovely anonymous data upload website. Conspiracy nuts love it, I’m told. Out of the thirteen hundred sites on the list, less than half of the websites are actually content they’re willing to say they’re blocking.

The Net Filter is also going to block content that the government doesn’t agree with, for political, philosophical or cultural reasons. There was outcry not long ago that a Victorian Dentist’s website was blocked, but that was just the beginning. Now it seems that Gay and Lesbian discussion is also going to be blacklisted, along with any sites that can be used for recreational drug users to minimise harm to themselves.

I can agree with filtering child pornography and horrible things of its kind, but when the government decides to use the censorship for their own agendas, it corrupts what was originally a good idea. Using power for one’s own gain is one of the very ways to define corruption. I admit I may overuse the word corruption but it damn well fits in here. It’s already being referred to by some as the Australian Berlin Wall.

In addition, the government has also made it illegal to know what is on the list. So it’s now a nationa offence to know that the government has chosen to decide what is and is not moraly obstructive to society as a whole.

This is the same idiotic government that has a standing policy of enforcing the most extreme views and limits on laws, which is why we currently do not have an R18+ rating on games. Because South Australia makes it illegal, no matter what the other states say, it has to be so, as they hold the strictest laws. We are a country that is quietly run by religious zealots that are forcing archaic beliefs upon us.

I don’t much know what I can do, but if you’re reading this, spread the word to all you can who’d care. The rights of every Australian are being blocked without their knowledge. Alert all those who you can.

So much for the fun-loving, laid back country that we used to be. Internet censorship and our policy on games has made us a joke worldwide. And our government doesn’t seem to care.

So much for Australia.

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