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A Letter to a Local Politician Regarding the Net Filter

The following is an e-mail I personally wrote and sent to my local politician regarding the Net Filter initiative undertaken by our government. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment.

Dear <name withheld>,

I am contacting you regarding the mandatory internet filtering initiative undertaken by our government.
I believe that not only is this effort an exercise in futility, as the internet is too vast and ever-changing to be able to block in its entirety, but is also ethically wrong.
While I can agree with blocking access to such content as child pornography, I do not agree that websites that offer space for the discussion of gay and lesbian lifestyles should be blocked.
This internet filter effort, I believe, runs counter to the Australian spirit and has more in common with totalitarian regimes. It is a true step back for our great nation. Australia has already become an international laughing stock due to the refusal to allow an adult rating for video games.
It also violates several articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as passed down to us by the United Nations. The articles in question being Articles 2, 6, 12, 19, and 28.
The protection for children is minor, or at worst, little more than the illusion of safety. This filter does nothing to protect children from real threats like cyber-bullying, online sexual predators, viruses, or the theft of personal information. It will provide a false feeling of security and lower a parent’s monitoring of their children’s activities on the internet.
This effort is a waste of taxpayer money, money that could easily be used for programs that would benefit children further, such as the school systems. It is already clear that content is being wrongly blocked and will reduce the quality and speed of Australian internet connections; connections that are already considered substandard in other western nations.
I, and the people of Australia hope you make the right decision.

Sincerely, <name withheld>

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