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The Great Internet War

The past decade has seen the rise of the internet into the mainstream, and eventually, our daily lives. Now we’re seeing advertisements on television that give you little more than a URL and a name as a reference. An unparalleled information tool used the world over, from solving meaningless trivia between friends to helping school students cheat on essays and reports.
From Yahoo, to Google, to Wikipedia and YouTube, the internet has offered enterainment and information resources to the world. With the advent of social networking and dating websites, you can even have a paradoxial life based around being an antisocial shut-in.
Free downloading though, seems to be one of the most popular uses of the internet, and why not? Nearly-perfect anonymous downloading of things that would otherwise cost a lot more money than you actually have.
Downloading things isn’t illegal of course, but downloading copyrighted content is. Although in past years, its really seemed like downloading anything has been an offence to someone somewhere. A major scare campaign against illegal downloaders has shaded the facts and made a major example of anyone caught and found guilty.
In the past few years there has been an ongoing crusade against The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular bittorrent websites. The Pirate Bay Crew have a great sense of humour, and post their replies to angry, threatening letters on their webpage. But the Pirate Bay lost their legal battles and the website was purchased by a company.
More recently, Mininova have lost their legal battle and now have a strict filter to prevent copyrighted content being on their website.
But more information on these events can be found on Torrentfreak. This isn’t why I’m here.

Between censorship, the copyright battles against P2P and BitTorrent technologies, the near stigmata of playing online games and a media frenzy against any website that has attracted attention to itself, (see the media hatred against gothic websites after a girl was found dead), the internet has been a battleground in the past few years.

With the Internet Filters of the world going ahead as planned, the commercialisation of the internet, and the media’s ignorant attacks on certain websites and social groups, it seems that the battlegrounds are spreading across the internet, and the defenders of this online world are rarely, if ever, able to defend it.

We seem to be losing everything that makes the internet such a valued tool in modern life. If censorship goes ahead as planned it could set a dangerous precedent and spread across the world.

My friends, we are in the midst of losing The Great Internet War.

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