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Knowing is Half the Battle.

Okay I think I’ve ranted enough on why the Net Filter is bad and I’ve just done little else except link you to sites like NoCleanFeed without explaining what it is. So here I go. And just to warn some of you, I’ve put some of the key points into Bold Formatting just for you tl;dr folk.

The Great Australian Internet Filter is referred to as the Berlin Wall or even Apartheid of recent years. It is an Australian Government project to create and enforce a mandatory firewall that, on the public face of the concept, blocks out child pornography and horrible nasties like that. Which is something I can get behind, I really can. I despise those types of people. But the public face of the Internet Filter is a lie.

In secret, without informing the public, the government has twisted this once-noble sounding project towards another agenda; forcing their own political, moral and philosophical ideals onto the Australian people. At the bat, because the government obviously doesn’t realise that the adults of Australia are adults, content that would be given a rating not suitable for children would be blocked. That’s all that’s been said. So is that an R18+ rating or anything above M15+? Would like some clarification.

Clarification that I won’t receive because the government are keeping the project quiet. And when it is mentioned, it is typically only referred to as blocking child pornography. We’re being lied to about the true nature of the filter. This filter that is blocking Gay and Lesbian content, websites that discuss Harm Prevention to Recreational Drug Users and any webspace that offers discussion of the Geopolitical Causes of Terrorism.

There is, in essence, a Blacklist of websites that will be blocked. This blacklist, while outdated, is up for viewing on Wikileaks. But I do warn you, it has been made clear that reading the ACMA Blacklist on Wikileaks is a crime on a federal level. As a legality I cannot condone reading the blacklist. But for myself… do as you will, and I hope you don’t get caught.

There will also be a panel of sorts that decide what is and what isn’t acceptable for Australian viewing on the Internet. First up on the chopping block is Social Networking. There is a significant chance that Australia will lose the Myspaces, Facebooks and Vampirefreaks’ of the world, just because some idiot teenage girls lied about their age met up with forty year old axe murderers.

And rumour has it that Adult Dating Websites like RSVP and Lavalife, who go so far as to advertise on television, will be banned, for the same reason. Some idiot kid lies about their age and meets up with a psychopath or pervert and the internet gets blamed. The mistakes of a few should not hinder the lives of the many, especially when the few in questions are liars or are just plain asking for trouble.

On the same lines, Adult Content is being blocked. All adult content. From sexuality pages on Wikipedia, just because they have medical pictures of nudity, to pornographic websites. Yes, you will lose your porn from the internets. Because apparently Australian adults aren’t adult enough to decide what is suitable for them.

Internet games that aren’t suitable for children are being blacklisted, thank you very much Michael Atkinson. You are a bad person with outdated ideals. Retire from politics, you useless, hypocritical heap of sagging flesh.

This Net Filter will slow the Australian Internet by up to 87%. That’s a terrible loss for any internet speed, but especially in Australia, because our country’s connection is already equal to, or even lesser than, third world nations. For those of you who wish to challenge this, look up Uruguay and then return to me with your apology and admittal of being wrong. Our internet substructure is terrible, and purely because it is 100% owned by Telstra.

But there are proxies and ways around it“, some will say. And this is true. Proxy websites and non-Australian Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) exist, but they will be more hindrance than helpful, as they slow down your connection even further. If you take 87% away from Australian internet speeds, the result is worse than dial-up. Worse. Than. Dial-up.  That is an atrocity.

The Net Filter epitomises everything that is wrong with western society at the moment. It has gone to show how much influence the church really has within Australia, and it disturbs me that I didn’t know the amount of pull they have.To go so far as to block gay and lesbian content and discussion?

We are not being given a choice. The Net Filter is Mandatory. We were not offered a vote. We were not given a say. We are barely being let know about what is happening here. The government knows we would be outraged if we heard about this. For the most part I’ve encountered complacency and ignorance; but I wish to change that. Let it be known that Australians didn’t bend over and take this laying down. Other countries wouldn’t. Americans would be up in arms, fighting tooth and nail (and shotgun) to defend their rights to view the Internet in its uncensored glory.

The Net Filter violates several articles of the United Nations Charter. The articles in question being Articles 2, 6, 12, 19, and 28. And that is just at first glance, with a minimal amount of study. I am sure that with time, study, effort, and heavy books and a decent team of companions, I could find so much more wrong with this in legal terms.

The Net Filter is a very real threat to Australia, a threat that grows greater with each passing day, and it goes unnoticed by the many. You need to spread the word. We need everyone to know about this before it is too late. We need to make the people of Australia realise that this is going to happen, and that the government won’t just back down from it! We need to throw away this complacency that has allowed the Australian Internet Filter to progress to the stage where it is only a matter of weeks before it is implemented!

The government have proven they don’t care about small numbers of complaints. If they truly cared about the Internet, we would have a decent substructure for it. We need to show the government that the whole of Australia stands against this horrendous mockery of justice! This is one of the most un-Australian moves the government has ever made.

We need to fight for the rights that the government are trying to take from us. Protest. Spread the word to your friends and family. Join the Facebook groups. Join the message boards. Read the websites. Do everything you are willing to do in the name of protecting the Internet from a Big-Brother government that is beginning to show the true colours of a budding fascist regime.

So, in short, just do what you can. Spreading the word is all I ask. I have a comment box, please use it. I want to hear what you have to say. The Bold Formatting was used to illustrate key points in the arguments for your ease of use.

We all need to come together as one and fight the filter. Because none of us, and I mean none of us, can do as much as all of us.

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