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Stop the Filter!

It’s been a while in coming but rest assured it is here; the dates and event details for the Block the Filter protests. So far all I have information on is Perth and Melbourne but I will be posting the events for the our other states as I receive information on them. I’ll be giving you links to these events, and I apologise to those of you who don’t fall into the category of people who don’t use facebook, but there are Facebook groups and whatnot that I am a part of and that are helping organise and spread the word on these events. I’ll be posting the details to the events just to cater those who don’t use Facebook, or people who can’t log into it right now.

I just read that apparently now Block the Filter’s ‘Day of Action‘ is a barbeque, not a protest. There is a latent symbolism here in that the Filter is pretty damn unAustralian whereas a barbeque is. There is still a protest being held, independant of Block The Filter.

Perth Protest: Venue is TBA, but it’s Saturday the 6th of March, at 12pm.

Melbourne Protest: Venue is the State Library and it’s at Saturday the 6th of March, at 12pm.

I will post the other states’ events as I hear about them. But for now I will tell you about the groups at work here

Watching Society Fall is the Facebook group dedicated to this blog. I would like to see more activity here, and I will also be posting information, mini-posts and discussion threads here.

No Australian Internet Censorship is the largest Facebook group about the Net Filter and all that’s happening, but it is not the most active one and is not organising the events.

Block the Filter is the one with the events and the details. There are a few bloggers on here such as Cry Freedom, the author of the blog called The Death of Freedom.

I apologise for the link-filled post but all I am doing with this is attempting to spread the word about what is happening. Spreading the word is all I ask. I have a comment box, please use it. I want to hear what you have to say. We all need to come together as one and fight the filter. Because none of us, and I mean none of us, can do as much as all of us.

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