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No Chance and No Future

I’ll spare the lengthy introduction, the fancy wordplay and the extensive rant and put it to you simply; it is a very difficult task to find a job right now. There’s three particular groups of folk who employers want at the moment; kids who are under 18, experienced workers over 25, or foreigners who’ll work maximim hours for minimum wage.

I am none of the above. And that has made it virtually impossible for me to get a job where I don’t run the risk of losing my position to one of the above categories. I have more-or-less approaching the point where I am ready to buckle under and take a crap job with worse pay, if only because it’s my only alternative to joblessness.

A lot of places, specifically in the computing / IT industry, demand a minimum of three years’ experience. Experience that I can’t get because there’s no jobs available in the industry that don’t require that experience. And it’s horrendously aggravating to get a job, even at McDonalds, because I’m over 18 and thus actually have to be paid adult wages.

It’s not just affecting me. So many people out there are jobless, or being forced into terrible jobs that have no career options because of the latest trends. How are we supposed to gain experience without being given a chance? That’s all I want, and that’s all so many other people want; a chance.

Job-hunting is a painful endeavour at the best of times. I’m a certified computer repairer as well as trained in IT. Five years ago, advertising everywhere was saying that these were two avenues that would lead to long-lasting, highly paid careers. It’s gotten to the point where I put the donate button up on the website in the hope that it’ll provide additional funding for the continuance of SomeoneWicked as a registered domain as well as attending to my cost-of-living.

Australia, you keep preaching about giving people a fair go. Where’s our chance? Where’s the fair go for Australians who need work? It’s as I said. We’re not being given one. We have no chance, and without that chance, we have no future.

  1. Coral Edwards
    March 27, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Hi there. Not sure where you live but with your quals. you could try either iinet OR the “Computer Guru”. Jason who owns CG is often on my radio station (882 6pr) and I would like to think that he would give a good guy a job. Good luck. xxxcoralxxx

  2. Luke
    March 27, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    I’m 19, I got a job at maccas in july last year, yes its not the best job in the world, but when I lost my job in a bar I had no other choice. The only downsides are that the 9-5 shifts are filled by managers and yound people, so if your over 18 you have to be able to start at 6am, or finish at 11. This wasn’t a big deal, and once I did that for a few months I was able to get more regular hour shifts (I’m a morning person so 6am starts weren’t an issue, but late night shifts killed me). Seriously give McDonalds another go, most store managers like to have some older staff because they bring maturity and they are more flexible/reliable than 14 yr/olds. Also, this is the time of year that school kids cut back on their hours (especially those doing year 11/12) so they look for people now so they are trained and ready for when the younger ones quit/cut back on their availability

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