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We Are All of Us

Each and every one of us is a walking universe; a chaotic yet orderly mass of contradiction. Everything is based upon situation, context and perception. We are all special and unique in our own ways, and some moreso than others. And while we may judge a first glance based on appearance, true understanding of a person, including ourselves, can reveal the very simplest truth is that no one human being can ever be a pure anything.

Every one of us has the potential to be, if they aren’t already, an exception to a rule. Ranging from simpler, widely-believed social stereotypes to the intricacies of subcultures, nobody can ever completely subscribe to a label or stereotype. For everyone is subject to the sensitivity of context and can never be summed up by something as simple as a word.

I’ve seen saints become sinners and the blind become seers, if only situationally. The most open-minded individual can be a closed-minded bigot in situations and their own ways. I have seen surprising insight and creativity from an illiterate person. Not only is a human being subject to contradicting themself, but also very able to contradict your perceptions and assumptions of them.

We don’t always think of other people as human. We’ve all had that moment where we wonder if we’re the only person who thinks, or feels, or knows, in the way that you do. We all think, we all feel, we are all individual universes unto themselves. We dehumanise strangers and antagonists in our life, whether by impulse or conscious arrogance. I can assure you, that no matter what someone else looks like, or how you perceive them, that they are just as human as you. Because that’s what they are.

Stereotypes, while having a basis of truth in some aspects, are made redundant by any knowledge of a person. We apply these things to strangers and people we’ve just met; judgements borne of unknowing, and defend our friends and family from them. And there have been some people who perfectly fit stereotypes at a time, they will always have a side to them that completely contradicts it.

To me, there are absolutely no absolutes, and I go one step further from saying that the world, and people in it, are not black and white but shades of grey. No, the world is the entire spectrum of every colour, and more, than the human eye can perceive. The world is as bright and varied as you choose to make it; from the black and white of a closed mind, to the entire spectrum of awareness that the truly insightful can achieve.

Each person in this world was once a one-in-millions chance to become one of the seven billion human beings living on this great blue earth of ours. We are all special and unique like everyone else; ever fluctuating messes of contradiction, hypocrisy and emotion.

And to me, these paragraphs can be summed up in a singular, solitary sentence that means so much more than words could describe, simplicity belying the truth. We are all special and unique; we are all human, just like you.

This post was inspired by This Piece of Work on DeviantArt.

  1. Coral Edwards
    April 14, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Fuck…you must be a mind reader. I am in turmoil with adult children. Have just made the decission that they can all go GROW UP and do own thing and then along comes you piece of literature. Perhaps I should NOT have sent that email to my daughter who has just MAXED my emotions out…lol 2 late…never mind I did tell her sactly what I believed. lol take care bubby. xxxcoralxxx

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